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हमारा ( Team Guruji Uttarakhandi) एक सपना है कि सन 2025 में अगर कोई व्यक्ति उत्तराखंड के बारे में कुछ भी जानना चाहे तो उसके दिमाग में सबसे पहला नाम www.gurujiuttarakhandi.com  आए|


Our Vision

To become the most reliable platform for Uttarakhand related information


Our Mission

To serve Uttarakhand and People of Uttarakhand.

Our Story

On January 26, 2016, Journey of www.gurujiuttarakhandi.com started as Vedashree Classes in Haldwani. It was founded by Mr. Deepak Chandra Pant with his two friends (Mr Tanuj Bisht and Mr Pankaj Bisht). The main reason behind opening Vedashree Classes is to inspire students towards knowledge. Later Mr. Deepak Chandra Pant started an educational YouTube Channel “Bijli Wale Guruji” for Electrical Engineering students on April 07, 2017. From August 2017, this channel holds its new name “Guruji Uttarakhandi” with the mission to serve Uttarakhand and people of Uttarakhand.www.gurujiuttarakhandi.com website is another milestone in this journey. We strongly believe that this journey continues forever….

Currently we are running successfully:

1. Vedashree Classes Haldwani ( for Class VI to Class XII, 100+ registered students since 2016)
2. Guruji Uttarakhandi YouTube Channel ( with 8000+ subscribers)
3. Vedashree Classes YouTube Channel (with 100 + subscribers)
4. www.gurujiuttarakhandi.com website

Our Inspiration

Late Sri R D Pant
Retd. Principal
GIC Majkhali, Almora

37 Year Teaching Experience
शैलेश मटियानी राज्य स्तरीय शिक्षक पुरस्कार विजेता - 2009


Our Team

Brand “Guruji Uttarakhandi” is managed by the persons having experience in different sectors with one common mission and passion To serve Uttarakhand and People of Uttarakhand.”


Founder - Deepak Chandra Pant

By Education, He is an Electrical Engineer; By Profession He is an Educator But by passion He is an investigator and researcher of LORD SHIV.
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Vartika Pant
Vartika Pant
Peeyush Kargeti
Peeyush Kargeti
Jagdarshan Pant
Jagdarshan Pant

If you believe in above said vision and mission or you want to be a part of this journey, join us by clicking.

अगर आप भी ऊपर लिखे vision और mission में believe करते हैं या इस journey का हिस्सा बनना चाहते हैं तो नीचे दिए गए link पर click करें.